Tuesday, October 19, 2010


tomorrow will be my best-best childhood buddy R.O.M day..

she is my more than just a best friend..she's more like a sister to me..we're close.
we had been friends since we're 8 yrs old.. hehehe..

last month she called me and ask me to be her witness..I'm totally agree with it.. :) and my husband also take one day leave for tomorrow..

I'm happy for her..really happy..i know how much obstacles she been through and finally they meant to be together...


why keep asking me the same questions?


what questions that been pissed me off..?

since past few months..."some ppl" keep asking me these questions over & over again..haiyaa~

~ wah,ada good news sudah? ( this question been as since june till now)

~ berapa bulan sudah ko? (due to im gaining weight since becoming mrs.R )- this since last month

~U both planning ke? xmau ada baby cepat2? ( please la,we're not planning..but belum ada rezeki,what to do..we're human being..we keep trying juga.. u ppl never know..benci) -this since june also..

~mayb u should loss ur weight..u r too fat ,thats why u cant get pregnant. ( OMG,im crying u know when tat person said like this to me.. syukurlah my husband pujuk & faham)- this since july til now..

well..im sick of these questions.. being pregnant or not..semua tu di tangan Tuhan.

both family, my family and the in laws pun never keep asking soalan2 cepu mas mcm org2 lain..

p.s : my husband and i keep remaining ourselves that we will not let this kind of thing bothering us..its make us more stress. what important that we are happy being together .

-pardon me for my broken grammar.


Monday, October 11, 2010

the happy news

just want to share the happy news..

our hamster just gve birth last friday.. 2 lil hamster..will upload soon..

p.s : the name of our hamster is kiki & kiko

Thursday, October 7, 2010


happy or sad :) its depend on ourself..

so,peeps terpulangla pada diri kita ni utk pilih sama ada mahu sedih atau gembira..
starts ur day with ur own decision..u wake up oneday..think positively..if u choose to be happy then u should spend the whole day with happy heart..otherwise if u choose to be sad..the its different side of story.. thats life..

but as a human being,as being me,the only me..im happy to be what im today..:)

NAIL COLOR ( part 2)

well,as promise..now will show the photos of my nails..heheheh..check it out!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

NAIL COLOR ( part 1)

NAIL COLOR... SURE most if the girls out there crazy bout this stuff... (same as me)..hehehhe..

since im too bored,being full time housewife....colouring my nails is what i do ..i change the colours almost every week..hehehhe..or days..depends on my mood...
so,brand apa yg saya guna?
its SILKYGIRL BRAND... bcos the price is affordable..and the colours last up to 5 days...easy to dry..
today i use the silkygirl GN0300-26 MAUVE DREAMS colours.. go and check it out at the guardian ,watsons outlet..
well..will upload some pics later..
p.s : thank you to mr.google for the pic.above :)

Tuesday, October 5, 2010


yerp..i love october.

cos my cousin & my best buddy r getting married :):) really happy for them...

welcome to the club to grace & len :)

p.s : will continue blogging later..need to see the doc...

Friday, September 24, 2010


hidup mesti diteruskan..betul kan..

what is past..its past....no matter what,we must go on with our life..

memang tidak dinafikan,hidup kita ini mempunyai kenangan manis & pahit..dan semua itu membuat kita kuat,tabah untuk mengharungi liku2 hidup..

bagi saya,gagal sekali bukan ber2maksud gagal untuk selama-lamanya..

contohnya : kalau kita pernah gagal dalam percintaan,gagal sekali,dua kali, atau banyak kali itu tidak bermakna kita akan gagal selamanya. think positive,mungkin ada hikmah di sebaliknya.

someday,we will found our soulmate..semua itu sudah ditentukan..have faith peeps!

p.s : tq to mr.google for the pic..