Tuesday, October 19, 2010

why keep asking me the same questions?


what questions that been pissed me off..?

since past few months..."some ppl" keep asking me these questions over & over again..haiyaa~

~ wah,ada good news sudah? ( this question been as since june till now)

~ berapa bulan sudah ko? (due to im gaining weight since becoming mrs.R )- this since last month

~U both planning ke? xmau ada baby cepat2? ( please la,we're not planning..but belum ada rezeki,what to do..we're human being..we keep trying juga.. u ppl never know..benci) -this since june also..

~mayb u should loss ur weight..u r too fat ,thats why u cant get pregnant. ( OMG,im crying u know when tat person said like this to me.. syukurlah my husband pujuk & faham)- this since july til now..

well..im sick of these questions.. being pregnant or not..semua tu di tangan Tuhan.

both family, my family and the in laws pun never keep asking soalan2 cepu mas mcm org2 lain..

p.s : my husband and i keep remaining ourselves that we will not let this kind of thing bothering us..its make us more stress. what important that we are happy being together .

-pardon me for my broken grammar.


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