Sunday, January 23, 2011

thanks to Jesse Tan for sharing it ;p

There are the normal ( . )( . ), the silicone ( + )( + ), the perfect (o)(o) Some are cold (^)(^) and some belong to grandmothers \./\./ And let’s not forget the very large (o Y o), the very small (.)(.) and the assymetrical (•)(.)
We love them all!

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Saturday, January 15, 2011


well...the winner OR the Lucky one for my 222th reader ( will receive a free gift from me) is cik YAN :):)

this is her blog visit her okay

well..buat Cik YAN..thank u la ea..nnt i post kan utk u ...( i know ur address) hehehhe

for the rest yang x lucky tu..try next month k..nnt i buat lg..:)

New Template for 2011

New Template ...

finally..suits me..simple and nice! i like it..owh yeah~~~

erm..owh going to bed ..*YAWN*..

tq for reading :) hehehe

BTW, here the song im currently listen to ( while blogging )


Bintang malam katakan padanya

Aku ingin melukis sinarmu di hatinya

Embun pagi sampaikan padanya

Biar ku dekap erat waktu dingin membelenggunya


Tahukah engkau wahai langit

Aku ingin bertemu membelai wajahnya

Kan ku pasang hiasan angkasa yang terindah

Hanya untuk dirinya

Lagu rindu ini kuciptakan

Hanya untuk bidadari hatiku tercinta

Walau hanya nada sederhana

Ijinkan ku ungkap segenap rasa dan kerinduan

So long peeps :):) hugs**


Friday, January 14, 2011

My Girlfriend is a Guminho

(Credit photo from Google )
 holla all..
the title of my entry is one of my fav.Korean drama that i just finish watching it last year November.. many of u watching Korean Drama?
Winter Sonata, Full House, All about eve,Lovers in Paris,
My name is Kim Sam Soon, My Love Patzi, Princess Hour, Successful story of a Bright girl,
 Will it snow for Christmas?,
 Marrying a Millionaire, Oh!  My lady, Which Star are you from? , Only you,
My Girl, Spring Waltz..
all above drama..( semua saya sudah tgk & some of it were in my vcd&dvd collections  ) :):)
because of the above drama..until really addicted to Korean drama

so, if u all realise i dh add lagu to my blog,
its one of the OST from MY GIRLFRIEND IS A GUMINHO title -FOX RAIN
Quite sad song..but im loving it..hehehe some Synopsis of the Drama

On one day after Cha Dae Woong ran away from his grandfather, he accidentally freed a nine-tailed fox who was closed in a painting for about 500 years. He didn't realize what he has done, until the Gumiho (nine-tailed fox),who took the form of a beautiful woman, appeared in front of him. Dae Woong was really frightened that he ran away from her and fell on the riverbank.Since he was severely injured, Gumiho came to save him and gave him her most precious bead to share with him the mystic fox' strength, as she owes him her freedom. Gumiho then asked him if he can help her become human and how to act like one. In return, she allowed him to use her bead for him to shoot for his dream action movie despite his body's severe condition. As time goes by, their mutual relationship grew deeper as they start to fall for each other.
(credit to Goggle for the info )

Its a Romance + Comedy Drama.. u all sure going to love it.. :):):)

so..see ya soon peeps ..
happy weekend all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

free gift to my 222 reader :)

Hye all.. :)
i have some u all
the 222th reader will receive a gift from me..hehehe

all u have to do is..
PrintScreen my a prove that u was my 222th reader..cos there was my Pageviewer..
and send it to my e-mail

okay.see u all..tomorrow ..

Monday, January 10, 2011


By Mari Nichols

Because to the depths of me, I long to love one person,
With all my heart, my soul, my mind, my body
Because I need a forever friend to trust with the intimacies of me,
Who won't hold them against me,
Who loves me when I'm unlikable,
Who sees the small child in me, and
Who looks for the divine potential of me...
Because I need to cuddle in the warmth of the night
With someone who thanks God for me,
With someone I feel blessed to hold...
Because marriage means opportunity
To grow in love in friendship...
Because marriage is a discipline
To be added to a list of achievements...
Because marriages do not fail, people fail
When they enter into marriage
Expecting another to make them whole...
Because, knowing this,
I promise myself to take full responsibility
For my spiritual, mental and physical wholeness
I create me,
I take half of the responsibility for my marriage
Together we create our marriage...
Because with this understanding
The possibilities are limitless


Saturday, January 8, 2011


the pre wedding photos that we took on dec 2009...before we tying the knot on 5th may 2010...

p.s : today genap la 8months kami berkahwin ya...and still just the two of sign yet..belum ada rezeki,plus im having my PMS again on tuesday..hahahah

Thursday, January 6, 2011


the line damn slow..and i cant get to update my blog.,oh my.. will try again tomorrow

hair dryer :)

see...i get it from COSWAY.. its pink colour.. i dont really like pink, but apa nak buat xda colour lain so i just take it. change it with my Coupon add another 30bucks,so there i go ..a pink hair dryer..

why i need it ? becos..

1) my hair getting long and take some time to get dry.

2)my lau kung always complaining "susah la mau keringkan rambut u guna towel..lama"hehehe~ well..i dont blame him...;p

3)he insists im buying it..

4)cos i have lots if COSWAY coupon ..hehehe

5)the hair dryer quiet convenient..easy to take to anywhere,can fold ba..just like the 1st pic :)
okay then..c ya tomorrow..hehhee