Thursday, January 6, 2011

hair dryer :)

see...i get it from COSWAY.. its pink colour.. i dont really like pink, but apa nak buat xda colour lain so i just take it. change it with my Coupon add another 30bucks,so there i go ..a pink hair dryer..

why i need it ? becos..

1) my hair getting long and take some time to get dry.

2)my lau kung always complaining "susah la mau keringkan rambut u guna towel..lama"hehehe~ well..i dont blame him...;p

3)he insists im buying it..

4)cos i have lots if COSWAY coupon ..hehehe

5)the hair dryer quiet convenient..easy to take to anywhere,can fold ba..just like the 1st pic :)
okay then..c ya tomorrow..hehhee

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