Monday, February 7, 2011

NO CNY! part I

yeah..supposedly this year will be my 1st year as wifey on CNY..but i cant celebrate it..bcos my laukung's grandma(mum's side) passed away last Sunday (30th Jan)..

the grandma..we used to call her by INEK (in iban means Grandma)..she's strong,healthy and very the iron lady..

on the 30th..0030hrs..she complaints about her headache,FYI..she & AKI (in iban means Grandpa) lives at Long House..then,my mum in laws receive a call from one of the aunt..and they (MIL,SIL & AIL) cepat2 driving back to longhouse..due to Inek keeps vomiting and unstable condition. they decide to bring her to ER at Hospital SIBU.

so many things happen..went for CT Scan..results came out..not okay..

by 0600 SIL call us..tell that inek having very bad Medical term is SIL is a nurse,so do my AIL..and my laukung is AMRO..3 of them all knows what is DIL means..we hoping for miracle..but the chances is low..

0630 another call from MIL..tell that Inek was leaving us ..forever..May her soul rest in peace..

to be continue.....

*sil- sister in law
*ail-aunt in law
*mil- mum in law
*dil -death in life
*amro-asst.medical record officer

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