Wednesday, April 6, 2011

the in laws

mum in law,aunt in law (aunt miri), aunt in law (aunt lily),  ME, sis in law (Elydia)

holla..well,we are going back to my parents house.. yeahhh..its weekdays im so happy because i can spent more time need to cooks..( cos mom will do the cooking)..ngegegege ;D

actually im at my hubby's office...cos he needs to settle some stuff before we heading back...esok dan lusa dia kena attend Meeting at thats y we going bck today..
and while he doing his stuff,i browse some photos at his pc..found this.

the pic was taken at my hubby's aunt hse at was last year oct.. we were there for hubby's youngest sis convocation.. (she's in red kebaya..she's a nurse now working at SIBU Hospital)

saya rindu mereka..:D.. so do my hubby,he's mommy baby boy..(hahahaha)..
well..last but not least..
i want to say: "when you marry him/her,you marry with his/her family too"

its FIKI's do i :)

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  1. Lina, i love ur sweet~
    ur kebaye looks awesome too..yeah, indonesia kebaye is cheaper than Msia.